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Tails TX Series Mining Rig

The Tails TX Series Mining Rig is an efficient income generating solution for mining Ethereum and other GPU compatible cryptocurrencies. Becuase a standard 4U rackmount server chassis is used, you can easily implement this solution within your existing data center or even your garage.

How much can it mine?

As of 9/14/2020 Tails TX Pro Mining Rig generates about 0.6 Ethereum per month using it's six (6) AMD Radeon RX 580 GPUs. Mining difficulty varies over time, check out this helpful article from EthHub. At a 400 US Dollar Ethereum, the projected return (0.6*400) is around 240 USD monthly.

Control with your phone

Your miner will come pre-configured to work with its own Hive OS account which will be created and paired using the email you provide during checkout. The Hive OS app is available on iOS and Android and will work right out of the box, letting you monitor and control your mining rig from anywhere in the world.

Monitor multiple devices

We know you will be so happy with your Tails TX Mining Rig that you will want more than one. We are prepared for this, you can monitor and control all your mining rigs from your smartphone. Tails TX height is 4U, for larger installations, ten (10) Tails TX Mining Rigs will fit in a standard 42U tall rack.

Professionally tuned and supported

The perfect combination of hardware and software. After your Tails TX Mining Rig is built, each of the GPU graphics cards will be undervolted and overclocked to achieve peak hardware performance, fully maximizing your systems hashrate.

Efficient power consumption

Tails TX consumes an average of 900 watts from a standard hosehold 3-prong 120V outlet. Which is comparative to that of a household refrigerator or freezer. At 0.09 cents per kWh the monthly cost of power consumed is about 60 US Dollars.

Multi-coin mining support

The six (6) AMD RX 580 GPUs support the mining of over 350 coins. While we support and recommend the mining of Ethereum, your mining rigs software allows for the support of a vast array of alternative coin options to mine.

How To Buy?

Add the item to the shopping cart

Click the 'Buy Now' button at the top right of the page. Select the type and number of rigs and follow the on-screen instructions.

Pay in any cryptocurrency, all coins accepted

You may pay in any coin you wish. Full multi-coin support with over 1,900 altcoins accepted via CoinPayments. It's your choice.

It takes two (2) weeks to build and ship

At this time we can only ship within the United States of America. You will receive a tracking number when the unit is securely shipped with your estimated day of arrival.

Instructions provided, support included

The Tails TX Series Mining Rig is delivered ready to run and with our setup instuctions you can be running within minutes. Any questions or support needed, we are here and happy to help.

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TX Pricing & Models

Tails Blockchain Mining offers two models, we offer an entry level configuration so anyone can have the ability to mine, to which GPUs may be added later. We recommend the TX Pro to most as it offers the best price to performance.

TX Lite


ETH Per Mining Rig

  • 4GPU Graphics Cards
  • 120MH/s Hashrate
  • 8GB RAM
  • 700 watts
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TX Pro


ETH Per Mining Rig

  • 6GPU Graphics Cards
  • 180MH/s Hashrate
  • 8GB RAM
  • 900 watts
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Tails Blockchain Mining Implements Hive OS: The Ultimate Mining Platform

The ultimate mining platform that allows users to setup, mine and control processes more efficiently and hustle-free across any number of rigs all in one place. Everything you need to keep your rigs running at peak efficiency.